Sea.Hear.Now is committed to raising awareness about the issues facing our ocean environment, including the global plastic waste crisis and climate change. Pledge to do your part to minimize plastic pollution, lower your carbon footprint, and support sustainable business at the festival by signing up for the Sea.Hear.Now Green Wave!


Musician Jack Johnson awarded Sea.Hear.Now his ‘All At Once Sustainability Award’ for US Festivals, as a result of showing real leadership in the movement to green the music industry. Check out more info below relating to Sea.Hear.Now’s environmental impact.

In 2018 at Sea.Hear.Now:

  • We had 11.88 tons of recycling
  • Over 9,500 fans went reusable with an official Green Wave Cup or Bottle
  • 35,252 bottles were saved from use by Manna Hydration Stations
  • 551 fans rocked & recycled with the Surfrider Foundation
  • 100 volunteers cleaned up the Jersey Shore with Surfrider on international Coastal Cleanup Day before the fest
  • Over 500 fans chose eco-friendly transportation by bicycling to the fest
  • Half a ton of food was donated


Why it matters: Transportation to and from the festival is the main source of carbon emissions for the event.
What you can do: Take the low-emission route to and from the festival. Carpool, bike, walk, or take public transportation.


Why it matters: Nearly a million plastic beverage bottles are sold every minute. Worldwide, over 500 billion plastic bottles are used every year.
What you can do: Go refillable! Carry your own reusable bottle, or pick up a reusable commemorative festival cup or bottle from Manna Hydration. Present the Green Wave Tin Cup at the bar for special discounts on cocktails. Remember to stay hydrated and visit a Manna Hydration Station for free, cool, filtered water.


Why it matters: Every year, 9 Million tons of plastic waste ends up in the ocean, a trillion plastic bags are used worldwide, and 500 million plastic straws are used a day.
What you can do:

  • Use provided trash and recycling bins and get rewarded for going above and beyond through the festival’s Rock & Recycle Program, presented by Surfrider, where you can earn a commemorative festival T-shirt and a chance to win more!
  • Stop sucking! Join us in fighting plastic pollution by saying no to plastic drinking straws.
  • Pitch in and join Surfrider at their Jersey Shore Chapter beach clean-up before the festival on International Coastal Cleanup day (September 15th), where you can earn a Sea.Hear.Now reusable bag that will help you breeze through festival security, and a chance to win 2 GA tickets to this year’s Sea.Hear.Now Music Festival. More info here.


Why it matters: Fair trade, local, organic, and vegetable-focused items are the least environmentally damaging. Aluminum cans are more efficient to recycle than plastic bottles. Once the aluminum has been produced, it can be recycled repeatedly. Canned water is provided by Open Water.
What you can do: Seek out plant based, organic, locally sourced meal options at the festival from our list of vendors, and alternatives to plastic when consuming beverages.